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All Teachers Must be Registered By November 1st, 2013

Section 30 of the Teaching Council Act 2001 states:

30.—A person who is employed as a teacher in a recognised school but—

(a) is not a registered teacher, or

(b) is removed or suspended from the register under Part 5,

shall not be remunerated by the school in respect of his or her employment out of moneys provided by the Oireachtas.

This section of the Act will commence on 1st November, 2013. This means that

If you are working as a teacher in a recognised school, but are not currently registered with the Teaching Council, you should immediately apply to the Council for registration.

The Department of Education and Skills and VECs will be prohibited by law from paying unregistered people employed in teaching positions in schools on or after 1 November except in very exceptional circumstances and for very short time periods.(Source: DES)

For details about registration and frequently asked questions click here.

UPDATE 15th May, 2013: new circular 25/2013