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Parental Leave Entitlements for Registered Teachers in Primary and Post Primary Schools-Circular 26/2013

The DES have today (4th June, 2013) issued a new circular dealing with parental leave entitlements for teachers: circular 0026/2013.

This circular reflects the changes brought into Irish law by Statutory Instrument no. 81 of 2013, European Union (Parental Leave) Regulations 2013, which transposed EU directive 2010/18 EU into Irish law with effect from 8th March, 2013.

Parental Leave for SNAs

The parental leave arrangements for SNAs are slightly different insofar as special needs assistants need to apply to their employer such as the Board of Management or VEC in a similar fashion to all other employees in Ireland whereas teachers need to fill out the form in Appendix A in the back of the circular.

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Download circular 0026/2013, parental leave for teachers here.