Are You Spending Too Much Time Drafting Employment Contracts?

Are You Spending Too Much Time Drafting Employment Contracts?

If you find a lot of your valuable time is taken up with drafting contracts for teachers or ancillary staff in your school, here is some good news…

Our contract drafting service saves you time and hassle…and will ensure that you have professional, legally compliant contracts of employment for all your staff.

School principals have a tough enough job to do already and many principals and Board of Management members are understandably frustrated with the amount of time spent worrying about contracts of employment.

Knowing what type of contract to use, the difference between fixed term contracts, part time, specified purpose, permanent, SNA contracts, retirement ages for school secretaries and caretakers…all of these issues can be confusing and lead to stress and worry.

We provide a cost effective, fast, professional contract drafting service for schools at a surprisingly competitive price.

We are members of the Law Society of Ireland and, naturally, have professional indemnity insurance.

And we provide a full range of legal services and advice in the education sector. Even at the weekend.

Instead of spending your time after school or at the weekend trying to figure out what contracts to use and what clauses to leave in or out, imagine having your contracts drafted for you and delivered to your email inbox.

Buy 2, Get 1 Free

We are offering a very special offer for a limited time: until the last day of September, 2013 we will draft 1 contract FREE for every 2 ordered.

For a FREE, no obligation quotation, simply use this contact form or call and we will be in touch within 24 hours…guaranteed. Even at the weekend.



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