The Minister for Education and Skills has moved to tackle the costs of school uniforms by strengthening the  role of parents in how schools decide their policies on uniforms.


See circular letter 0063/2013

The Home Tuition Scheme provides for tuition in the home for children who are unable to attend school due to a significant medical condition. The scheme is also available for children with special needs who are unable to attend school due to the non-availability of school placements. In addition children with autism of a pre-school age may avail of the scheme. DES, July, 2013


Circular 0006/2013, Home Tuition Scheme 2013/2014-special education component

Application form for home tuition scheme

See also: home tuition page of the Department of Education and Skills

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Bullying on social media sites is all too common nowadays.

The most recent tragic cases in Donegal  leading to the tragic suicide of a 13 year old girl, and subsequently her sister, shows the insidious and harmful nature of such bullying.

Listening to Morning Ireland this morning on RTE Radio 1 I heard the advice being given that “doing a screen grab” was necessary to gather the evidence necessary to confront the bullies.

And it struck me that many parents and children may not actually know how to do this.

It is very simple. The video below shows you how to gather the necessary evidence by capturing screenshots of your computer screen so that you can give them to parents, teachers or Gardai.

You need 2 things only (and they are both free)

1. This button on your keyboard-the Print Screen button. It will look something like this..



It is normally beside the f12 button.

2. Paint programme (preinstalled on the vast majority of computers)

Simply follow the instructions in the video and give me a shout if you have any difficulty.

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