Circulars from Department of Education and Skills

Limited alleviation of moratorium on filling posts of responsibility at Assistant Principal level for the duration of the Haddington Road Agreement-circular letter 0004/2014.


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The Minister for Education and Skills has moved to tackle the costs of school uniforms by strengthening the  role of parents in how schools decide their policies on uniforms.


See circular letter 0063/2013

Changes to the qualification period for teachers who are employed on a  fixed term basis for consideration for a contract of indefinite duration.

Read/download circular letter 0064/2013 here.

DES has issued (on 28th November, 2013) circular letter 0062/2013 dealing with the grant scheme for minor works in primary schools.


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Circular letter 0060/2013

Read the circular here: 0059/2013

The purpose of this circular is to set out the arrangements for access to the supplementary redeployment panels for the 2014/15 school year for eligible registered primary teachers in fixed-term/temporary positions (this includes substitute positions) and part-time positions in recognised primary schools.

Read the circular here: 0057/2013

The Department wishes to advise the management authorities of Post Primary schools that with effect from the current school year, 2013/2014, the practice of  providing Computer Studies Certificates to schools for issue to their pupils is being discontinued.

Circular 0056/2013

The practice of providing blank Transition Year Certificates to schools for issue to their Transition Year pupils is being discontinued.

Circular 0055/2013